3 Bedrooms house plans in Kenya (PDFs available)

3 Bedrooms homes are among the most popular houses in Kenya, this is because they serve medium-sized families best. Below we are going to see how to acquire a 3 bedrooms plan PDF or blueprint and provide tips and guides on what to look for when getting your house design.

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Images of 3 bedrooms house designs in Kenya

Below are the different 3 bedrooms layouts and designs that we have prepared. use the arrows to see different views for each design.

A Hipped roof 3 Bedrooms design

All ensuite 3 bedrooms design

Unique layout 3 bedroom house plan

Popular layout in Kenya 3 bedroom design

Getting a 3 bedroom house plan PDF

The internet has changed how we do things a lot including how business is done in the construction field. It is now possible to get your dream house plan using the internet. These plans will however come in PDF format and will have to be printed after being acquired, the blueprints to be used during construction are normally in A2, A3, or A1-sized papers.

Where to get house plans in PDF format

screenshot 3 bedroom house plan pdf in Kenya

There are plenty of places and methods to get a softcopy of a house design in Kenya, below is a look at some:

  • Downloading from designers’ and architects’ websites- This may be the simplest way to get your house plan. All you need to do is look for a reputable designers’ website that offers the opportunity to download plans and get one that suits you best. The downside is that these plans are not customized to your need and your building site conditions.

It’s important you check for the provided details on what the plans contain especially if you are purchasing them. You should also make sure that the plan was made by a Kenyan designer or at least the standards followed are the same as those used in Kenya for the purpose of conformity with requirements in the local construction industry, for example, dimensioning units.

  • Get a designer online- here, you will have to look for a designer/architect from various platforms, for example, social media, google, etc. After you have identified one that can do you your dream house by looking at their previous work, communicate with them and they might send your house plan PDF depending on the arrangements.
  • Hire a freelancer– this is almost like the above method, you just have to go to some of the most reputable freelancing sites and hire a designer who has reputable reviews from their previous works and whose charges you can afford. A good example of such sites is upwork

upwork house designers

What should a good house plan PDF contain?

After getting the plan, you might not know what to exactly look for. Here are some tips:

  • Proper dimensioning- this is one of the most important item in a house plan. You should confirm that each room/space size can be gotten from the given dimensions.
  • Detailed Elevations-  elevations normally provide a look at a house from different angles and sides. The plan should give at least four sides elevation which must be detailed to give required information for construction purposes.
  • Sections- the plan should also have at least one section, this will give interior details that are not visible from the elevations. Normally, this is where the roof details are given.
  • Other information- most of the time, the plan will come with added information such as Notes, the notes provide additional information or interpretation about the plan. Windows and door schedules will also come with floor plans, they provide the sizes of these items.

How can I get a free PDF house plan in Kenya?

It’s possible to get a free house plan, however, the designers usually take their time and creativity to come up with good house designs. It is hence not common to find free house plans and you are most likely to pay a fee if you want a nice home design.

Simple 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya

At times, one will require a simple home depending on preference and budget. The good news is that you can still get your simple design if that is what you are looking for, all you need to do is search for one that suits you or communicate to your designer about what you want.

simple 3 bedrooms house

A simple design can  be determined by various factors such as;

  • Flat roof- this kind of roof is direct and also low cost.
  • Rooms composition- at times, especially in rural areas, there might be an external kitchen or washrooms and hence no persistent need to have them included in the design, this gives a simple design.
  • Spaces in rooms- a house with small-sized rooms can be considered simple too.

Tips to use when getting a 3 bedrooms house design

When looking for a house design, you will need to give the idea you have to your designer and they will come up with that. It is hence not reasonable to give some few plans and conclude that they are the best for everyone. Instead, we are going to provide you with knowledge on what to look for to get the best 3 bedrooms house design and also how to give the right idea to your designer for the best plan.

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We strongly recommended you go through the article since it will provide you with strong insights on what to check for when picking the 3 bedroom house design that will be your future home.

We are going to discuss everything you need to know in its own topics below.

Factor to consider for best 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya and floor plans

To get the best design, you will need to consider different factors, below, we are going to look at each so you can decide what you would go for in each factor.

Number of rooms

While the home you want will have three bedrooms, it will also contain other rooms. It is important for you to decide on all the rooms that you need. Here is a look at different rooms that you can pick to be included in your house design.

Living room

This is one of the main rooms, when you have a choice to pick on the rooms you want, we highly recommend you not to omit this one. A living room will commonly contain your furniture and electronics such as TVs, this is where you are likely to rest most of the time, and it is also where you will welcome your visitors.

As you can see, the living room is an important room and should not be omitted in a good design unless not needed.

lounge interior design

Well interior designed lounge(living room) source


Here is another important room that is recommended not to miss in a modern house plan. The kitchen is normally where your food will be prepared, or you will prepare it.

While we can have the discussion whether we eat to live or we live to eat, we can not discuss whether to eat or not and hence we will always need a kitchen.

kitchen layout

Kitchen with dining layout

Dining table

The dining table is a room that is commonly incorporated in modern designs. The room is used for dining/eating purposes, it is usually located nearer or next to the kitchen. While it is an important room, you can forego it and use the living room for dining purposes.

WC room

WC is an abbreviation for Water Closet and is often used to mean a toilet and a bathroom. You can decide whether your toilet room shall have a bathroom or both of them will be separate.

You will also have to decide how many of these rooms you will have. If your budget allows, it is recommended to have a WC in the master bedroom(we will look at it later) and another WC always referred to as a common WC that can be used by everyone else who does not have access to the Master bedroom.

You can also decide to have the WC in the Master bedroom and then have a bathroom and toilet(pit latrine) outside the house that will be used by everyone else. You can also decide that you will have no WC in your house and instead, they will be located outside.

With all the above possibilities, you will have to pick one when getting your house plan since a toilet is a strict requirement for any home for hygiene purposes and you will definitely need a bathroom.

wc interior design

Typical wc interior source

Master bedroom

While the number of the bedrooms will be three, there is usually this one that is known as the master bedroom. This is usually bigger than the other bedrooms and can also have its own WC as we have seen above.

master ensuite bedroom

A master ensuite bedroom interior design, source

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Other rooms

Here is a list of other rooms that can be included in your 3 bedroom house. These rooms are not compulsory but depending on your budget, lifestyle and needs, you might find them important.

  • Storage room- the room can be used to store different items depending on your needs. For example, a kitchen store room(pantry) can be used to store your food and kitchen stuff.
  • Study room- the room can be used by your kids during their studies or by you in your own study and research.
  • Playroom- this room will be mainly for the kids where they can play when indoors.
  • Prayer room- if you are religious, you might have to consider having it.
  • Office- some people will work at home or are self-employed and have a need for having a home office. If you are in this category, you can decide to have an office in your house.

open layout of 3 bedrooms house in Kenya

Open layout showing room arrangements and sizes.

Room arrangements

This is a very important consideration that you must make when picking the perfect plan for your home. All rooms must be located in logical and very convenient positions, for example, it would be unreasonable to have a bedroom as the entry point of your house.

Below, we will look at where different rooms should be positioned and the reason behind it.

Living room position

This room in most cases is located at the entry point of the house. With regard to its functions, it is reasonable for it to be located in this position. For example, when anyone visits you, they will directly access the living room without having to go through other rooms.

Kitchen location on the plan

The kitchen should be located just close to the dining room and living room. If you do not want a dining area, it should be close to the living room. This will allow quick access from the kitchen to where the food is to be served.

WC location

The location of WC(common) should have convenient access to everyone, this means everyone should access them without having to go through other rooms. From the living room, one should be able to access the WC without going to any other rooms.

Preferably, the WC should be located away from the Kitchen or at least, not next to the Kitchen.

Bedrooms positioning

While a home is meant for privacy, the bedroom is perhaps the most private room. This means there are supposed to be places where they can be accessed only by those using them. In most cases, they are positioned at the corners of the house.

The master bedroom will most probably be used by the owner of the house. It would be logical to have it on one end of the house and the other two bedrooms to be on the other end of the house.

Other rooms positioning

Other rooms that we mentioned above can be positioned anywhere in between the living room and bedrooms. Access to all these rooms should be preferably direct(without passing through another room) unless they are to be used for only privacy purposes.

Room sizes

a spacious bedroom

The bedroom above can be considered spacious

Now, you have decided what rooms you need and know what to position to place them, but what will be their Sizes? This is the next important factor that you need to look at.

While sizes of rooms will be according to your budget, space available and intended use, below are some recommended sizes in different ways. Please note that these sizes are not fixed/rigid, you can tell your designer what you have and what you want and they will give you the perfect sizes for your case.

Please note also, that we are going to provide the smallest recommenced size, you can manipulate this upwards but not downwards.

Living room size

This room should be among the most spacious, it is the room with the probability of having the highest number of people using it at the same time. It is also going to have a lot of furniture and electronics. Because of these, it should be large.

The smallest recommended size of a living room is 3.5X6 meters.

Dining room size

The room will contain some furniture arranged in a systematic way, the main purpose of it will be to dine, hence, no large space that is required.

The smallest recommended size for the dining is 2.5X3 meters.

Kitchen size

The kitchen size should be spacious enough to make sure that one can comfortably prepare food. There are also cooking appliances that will be used in the kitchen. This calls for a spacious kitchen.

The kitchen should be at least 2X3 meters.

WC room size

The room is used by one person at a time, people will not even take more than 15 minutes in it. The room size is hence not that big, in fact, it is one of the smallest. The room should have a size that will accommodate both huge and small persons.

The smallest recommended size for this room is 1.2X2 meters.

Master bedroom size

The master bedroom is perhaps the second largest room after the Living room. The room will have a large bed in it, preferably at the center and maybe other items such as a closet.

The smallest recommended size is 3.5X4 meters.

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Other bedrooms sizes

Other bedrooms that are not master bedrooms are usually smaller. You can decide to have two master bedrooms or make all of them master bedrooms. However, this is not the case most times.

The smallest recommended size for other bedrooms is 3×3 meters.

Above is a look at the common sizes of most common rooms in a 3 bedroom house.


3 bedroom exterior finishing

Exterior finishing design with painted, plastered entry porch and Key pointing on stone walls

Here, is yet another consideration to make. You definitely don’t want an ugly house, it will be of no point to have the above factors on point and omit the attractiveness of your home.

The design you go for should create a clear picture of how the house will look, both the exterior and interiors. They should be on point.

Here are some things to look at in the design.


The windows are part of the finishing, in the design, all windows should be strategically located. First, there should be the right number of them to ensure that every room has access to light. The number of windows should however not be in excess in a room and they should be directly proportional to the room size.

The position of windows should also be correct, first, they should be located at the same height and should be aligned on the same line. This will produce an attractive exterior look.

The size of the windows should be of concern, they should not be too big or too small. The perfect size will definitely portray itself in the design.


The doors should also be positioned correctly. The design should also show what color and material they are to be off.

Doors are mostly placed in a corner of the room, in some cases, they can be placed at the center, especially for the main entry doors.

Door sizes are also according to the room size, when the room is small, e.g a WC, a small-sized door will be used. In a large room, a large door will be used.

Other things that should be considered are how the doors open, is it inside or outside? The side the door opens should be logical.

The roof design

This is one of the most important factors to look for when picking the best design. A roof is what gives the building its look or attractiveness. Whether you opt for a simple roof design or a complex one, you should go for one that is giving a beautiful look to your home.

Gable roof

Gable roof design

hipped roof

Hipped roof design

hipped roof with gable

Hipped roof with glass gable


Passage sizes

Most probably, there are going to be passages in your house to allow access to different rooms. The size of the passages should be of the correct size, preferably at least 1.2 meters.

Other finishes

The design should give you details of other finishes of your home, both interiors and exteriors including the color of paints to be used in the interior and the exterior.


This is a very important consideration to make. In fact, every decision you make should be in line with the cost of the building. So when picking the number of rooms and sizes, you should consider what impact they will have on the cost.

The first thing you should do is to list or pick all rooms you think you need and the preferred size. Your designer will give the estimate of the total cost, if it does not fit your budget, you will have to adjust accordingly. For example, by reducing the number of rooms or their sizes.

What is the cost of 3 Bedroom house in Kenya?

The construction cost of a 3 bedroom house ranges from around Ksh 2 million and above. However, the cost can be lower or even higher than this depending on various factors including the materials to be used.

What is the cost of 3 bedroom house design and plan?

The cost of the plan is usually not definite or fixed, you will have to negotiate with your designer. However, the cost should never exceed 6% of the total construction cost of the house.

Above is a look at what you need in order to end up with a good 3 bedroom house plan. We wish you the best as you get your perfect home. Cheers!!

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Here is a video of a beautiful house design Exterior, Interior and layout.

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