Best types of tiles in Kenya plus a buying guide

Tiles are a major part of a consideration when doing finishes of buildings. Whether it is a home, office or a business building. We are going to look at how to choose the best tiles in Kenya for your building  below.

Factors to consider when choosing tiles

The below outlined factors will help you make the best decision when buying your tiles. Each factor is explained in detailed to give a clear understanding.

1. Best Types of tiles

Tiles are largely classified in to various types according to the materials they are made of. The type you choose depends on your intended use. Some materials are more durable than others, the materials will also determine the cost of the tiles.

  •  Here are best types of tiles in Kenya:

    a. Ceramic tiles

    This are one of the most common tiles in the country, they are also widely used in  most buildings. The are made from clay, sand and water which is treated in kiln giving a hard tile that is durable and water resistance. Manufacturers can add features such as slip resistances. They are mostly suitable in floors and walls. They are also available in different colors and patterns hence are suitable for your interior design desire.

    Some of the disadvantages  of the tiles are; they tend to be very cold hence you may require mats in your house, when heavy objects are dropped on this tiles, they can easily break.

    Ceramic tiles cost is affordable as compared to other tiles.

Ceramic tiles



    b. Porcelain tiles

    This tiles are almost like the ceramic ones, they are however made of dense clay materials making the more heavier, thicker and harder than ceramic tiles. In most cases their surfaces resemble that of natural stones unlike the ceramic ones that have different colors and patterns. Porcelain tiles are more water resistance than the ceramic tiles. They are also suitable for use for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

    This tiles have same disadvantages as the ceramic ones (see above). However, these tiles are costly than the ceramic ones.

    Porcelain tiles

    TIP: If you need tiles for outdoor purposes, the porcelain tiles will be better, this is because they are water resistant. For indoor purposes, ceramic tiles will be a better choice since you are going to enjoy the benefit of affordable cost.

    c. Stone tiles

    Stone tiles are made of natural stones such as granite. This stones are curved to form different patterns, different color stones can also be used. Stone tiles provide a beautiful lavish appearance when used. They are suitable for outdoor use, also in places with high foot traffic, these tiles will be very efficient since they do not wear out easily. Other suitable places include kitchens and bathrooms.

    One of their disadvantage is that they are costly. Also, when used in areas that are wet regularly, an accident is likely to occur since they are not slip resistant.

    Stone tiles

    D. Glass tiles

    Glass tiles are made of thin glass and glazed translucent materials attached at back of each tile. This provides a very beautiful appearance, you can also request for custom designs according to your desire. The tiles are also durable and easy to clean.

    The glass tiles are however expensive and if cost is your major concern, you may not enjoy the advantages of these tiles.

    Glass tiles

    The above are some of the most common tiles you can choose from, however you can still consult with your tile supplier and building professionals to see if there are more types of tiles suggestion that you make like.

    2. Where are the tiles needed?

    In terms o where the tiles are needed, the main considerations is the rooms and the part of the rooms. Below we look at the two.

    Different parts of your house may need different tiles with different features, some of the special rooms we will consider are; Kitchens, bathrooms and general rooms which are other rooms that do not include the above. Also in the named rooms, the floors and walls may require different tiles.

    a. Kitchen tiles

    The floor of the kitchen may have different tiles with the kitchen walls.

    Kitchen floor tiles

    A kitchen with tiles is not only attractive but also clean to use, however, when choosing the tiles for your kitchen floor you will need to make some considerations.

    The tiles you choose should be preferably rough, the kitchen will be wet regularly due to cooking activities, the rough surface will prevent accidents that may occur from  slippery floors. The best thing will be to pick a slip-resistant tile, this is is usually indicated in the manufacturers manual.

    The main materials choice of kitchen tiles are, porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles. You will realize also that you will have different colors and patterns to choose from, this will be inline to with your personal preference.

    The main disadvantage of using tiles in your kitchen is the risk of items breaking after been dropped. This is because the tiles are hard and items search as water glasses are likely to break on impact with the floor.
    kitchen floor tiles

    Kitchen wall tiles

    The tiles you use on your kitchen walls will mostly have different features with the floor ones. These ones will not require to be slip-resistance. The tiles you use for your kitchen walling should be attractive and with patterns. A bright color tile is also preferred for walling, this helps reflect light giving a bright appearance to your kitchen.  The main idea to put in mind for your kitchen wall tiles is that they should provide an awesome interior design.

    Kitchen wall tles

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    b. Bathroom tiles

    Tiles mentioned in this section are suitable for use in both bathrooms and toilets. Just like in kitchens, it is advisable to use different tiles for the walls and the floors.

    Bathroom floor tiles

    When shopping for this ones, the first thing that should come to your mind is the slip-resistance feature. Bathrooms and toilets will be wet often and you do not want to risk someone falling on this floors. The manufacturers always indicate this, if not indicated, check whether the surface is rough.

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    Most bathroom tiles are made of porcelain and ceramic tiles. When picking the tiles, you don not have to worry much about patterns, in fact, plain colored tiles are recommended.

    Bathroom floor tiles

    Bathroom wall tiles

    Just like the floor tiles, the bathroom wall tiles do not have to have much patterns, the color in most cases should be plain. A bright color is mostly recommended.  However, unlike the floor tiles, you will not have to consider the slip-resistance feature.

    C. Other room tiles

    Other rooms except the Kitchens and bathrooms may have same particular tiles design. This will greatly save on the cost and the time used to  make the right choice of tiles. This rooms include: sitting room, dinning table, offices etc.

    In most cases, this rooms will require only the floor tiles, the walls may have other attractive designs such as wallpapers or low cost designs such as paints. This however does not mean that it is prohibited to use tiles on this rooms walls.

    When picking tiles for your floor you should make sure to pick the best pattern and color. These two should also go in hand with the interior design of your house. If you can afford, you should look for an interior designer to help you pick the best. You can also check online for different patterns and ask your suppliers if they have one of your choosing.

    floor tiles

    3. Appearance

    Tiles will have different appearance, one of the aim of using tiles is for the beauty they provide. You should pick a tile with patterns and color that best suite your interest. Some tiles are even designed to give a certain look, e.g, wood appearance, natural stone appearance etc. If you are not sure which tile to pick, please consult with your interior designer or construction professionals.

    The image below shows a ceramic tile with a wood like appearance

    wooden ceramic tiles

    4. Cost

    Cost is one of the major consideration that one always considers. Ceramic tiles are one of the most affordable tiles. However, when looking at the cost, you should check on the installations cost and maintenance cost if any.

    Above are factors that will help you choose the best tiles, we believe now you have an idea on what you will pick, cheers.


  1. Thank you very much for the awearness. Im looking foward to work out the factors and choose appropriately for my bugallow under construction. Thank you once more

  2. am interested in making orders soon.
    tiles for- living room and dining,kitchen(floor and walls),bathrooms(floor and walls),bedrooms.
    and verandas

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