Best Toilets (bowls&tanks) in Kenya and a buying guide

Making a decision on the best toilet for your house requires you to have the a prior understanding about toilets, here, we are going to equip you with the needed knowledge and also give a list of brands you can consider when making your purchase.

A toilet is one of the common use item in every household, it there necessary to chose one that is echo friendly, comfortable and the needs of your household.

To make the best decision you will need to considers different features and in each category of features make the best pick, here are some of them of them, this features are also what determines what type a toilet belongs too.

Features to consider


They are different designs available in the market, below is a list of them and their differences explained.

One-piece toilet, this type of toilet have the bowl and the tank connected together, it is usually small because of this design. If you have less space, you can choose this one.

Image: One peice toilet

Two-piece toilet, in this type, the bowl and the tank are usually separated, this makes the toilet require larger spaces.

Image: Two piece toilet

Wall hung toilets, in this types of toilets, the bow does not touch the floor like the above two, the tank is usually mounted behind the wall. This makes cleaning the area around easy. If you are worrying about this type of toilets failing because of weight, you do not have to, they are made to holds weights above 200kgs which is more than the normal weight of a human being.

Wall hung toilets

Smart toilets, Smart toilets can have any of the above designs but they will also be incorporated with advance technology features. Some of this features include; heated sitting, warm flowing water, air drying, wireless connection or buttons for flushing purposes etc

Image: Smart toilet

Flushing technology and waste handling

Different toilet models have different technologies for the purpose of flushing waste, the kind of flushing can lead to effective flushing and economic use of water, here are the available technologies and an explanation to each;

Gravity fed toilet, this are the most common and you have probably used one, they are the traditional type. They mainly rely on gravity to push waste, when the handle of the toilet is pushed the flush valve allows water to flow in to the bowl with pressure, the water then washes out the waste to the trap way through gravity, This type of toilets are less noisy but uses more water. Because of more water, they might have less odour.

Pressure assisted toilet, this types do not depend on gravity alone, they also use pressure, the tank usually have a large bladder that stores pressure, pressure can be from an electrical pump or rising water. When flushed water will flow to the bow together with the pressure, this will allow for sweeping the waste to the trap way. This type of toilet uses less water but is less noisy and may have odour effect because of the less water used.

Double cyclone system, this type uses the power of gravity and water to create a powerful pressure enough to clean the toilet, it contains two nozzels that allow water with high high pressure to be directed to the siphon for a powerful flush. The result is less cleaning requirement since less dirt is retained.

Flushing type

The design of the flush system can allow for various types of flushing, the types will have different results with some allowing for less use of water, this type are outlined and explained below;

Single flush toilets, with the single model, there is only one button or handle to flush the waste, this kind of toilets use a lot of water but are simple to operate and require low maintenance cost.

Double flash toilets, in this types, the are two buttons, the small button is for flushing the liquid waste and the bigger one is for solid waste, in case of a handle, it will have two control regions, the half rotate flush being for the liquid waste and the full rotate being for the solid waste. This toilets saves on water hence are more ecofriendly, they are however a little difficult to operate and require higher maintenance cost.


Toilets have different shapes, the shape in most cases serves as an appearance but at times you might choose one you fill comfortable using and also at times according to the available space, here are the shapes to choose from;

Elongated toilets, this one have an oval shape as in the the image below. The front tip of the elongated toilets is almost sharp.

Image: Elongated toilets

Round front toilets, though no a perfect circle, this toilets are usually round, also the front of toilets is not sharp like the oval ones, it is instead round.

Image: Round toilets

Compact elongated toilets, this ones are usually oval still, in fact they are like the elongated ones, the difference is that they are small or made shorter that the standard elongated ones, they are applicable if you have small space.

Image: Compact eleongated toiltes


Color/colour is usually to your personal preference, you should also choose one to suite your interior design, most toilets are usually of white color. there are however a pack of colors to choose from, for example, black, creamy etc


Toilets are made normally made of Vitreos china material, this is usually a mix of several kinds of clays, some are also made of ceramic which is fire clay. This materials or the final product is resistance to scratch does not stain and none porous. Though the toilet bowl is made to withstand heavy weights of above 200KGs, the materials it is made of can break if strong forces are applied to them, you should be hence cautions not drop heavy  hard items your toilet.


Standard toilets usually have a height of 15 inches, however, for purpose of people with disability of children, the toilet dimensions can be changed to suit you custom requirement.

Toilet trapway

The trapway is a curved channel at the base of the toilet that leads to the drain pipes. A good choice of the trapway should be made to avoid clogging and if it occurs, the trapway should allow easy unclogging. The trapways comes in two types; the concealed and open trapways, the concealed types have an attractive appearance and according to users they are easy to clean.

Best toilets brands in Kenya

For prices, check on The Brands app, the app helps you order items from sellers in Kenya and protects you from cons through lipa na escrow See details here.

Although the best thing is to consider the above named factors, here are some of the brands that produces quality toilets with high flushing power, easy to clean, water saving and durable.

1. Kohler toilets

2. Toto toilets

3. Niagara toilets







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  1. Two-piece toilet, in this type, the bowl and the tank are usually separated, this makes the toilet require larger spaces.
    Image: Two piece toilet

    Do you have this particular type of toilet?

    Kind regards Namuki

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