Best types of water tanks in Kenya and top suppliers

Water is a very essential part of our lives. To ensure that we have a steady supply and availability of clean water, we will require convenient storage. Below, we are going to look at the best water tanks in Kenya that can be used for the above purpose.

These two types of water tanks are the best;

  • Plastic water tanks
  • Steel water tanks

We will look at them in detail in this article including reasons why you should choose each and the type that is ultimately the best.

What should a good water tank have?

A water tank should have features that will give it the best performance capabilities which include:

  1. Rust resistance, this will prevent the water from being contaminated with particles that come from a rusting material. A tank that does not rust will also serve for a very long time.
  2. UV light blockage, the tank should be able to totally block sunlight, this ensures that algae and other living organisms that require sunlight to grow in water will not have a chance of growing leaving your water safe for drinking.
  3. Easy to clean, with time, dirt, especially solid dirt from the water you collect will settle at the bottom of the tank. A good tank should provide means to easily remove such dirt.
  4. Durable, a good water tank should have a long service life, some manufacturers will also provide years warranties to the tanks supply.

Types of water tanks in Kenya

1. Plastic water tanks

Best plasric water tanks in Kenya


These are some of the most popular and preferred water tanks in Kenya.  Plastic water tanks are preferred for various reasons including:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Durable
  3. Full sunlight blockage design
  4. Available in various sizes/capacities
  5. Cost effective
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Low maintenance cost

NOTE: A black plastic water tank is recommended for purpose of UV light protection.

As you can see above, the plastic water tanks have a lot of benefits making them more popular. When buying one, make sure you pick the one which suit your need in regard to capacity, design and color.

After buying a plastic tank, you will need to follow some guidelines when installing as listed below:

  • The tank should be placed on a flat raised surface.
  • Perforate an outlet hole at the bottom, an overflow hole and an inlet hole at the top.
  • Do not use a hot rod when making the holes.

Some plastic tanks should not be placed on bare soil, this is because the soil may contain chemicals that react with the plastic making the tank to wear out.

Top plastic tanks manufacturers in Kenya and top suppliers

Below are some of the most popular plastic water tank manufacturers. You can order and compare prices from the suppliers below on The Brands app. Click to install from Google playstore.

1. Kentanks tanks

The manufacturer of the tanks, Kentainers provides the tanks in capacities ranging between  500 liters to 10,000 liters and is one of the most reputable in Kenya.

2. Jumbo tanks

Jumbo tanks are available in between the capacities of 250 liters to 16,000 liters and are supplied by Jumbo tanks.

3. Toptank

The tanks are available between capacities of 50 liters and 24,000 liters, the tanks are supplied by TopTanks.

4. Roto tanks

These tanks are supplied by Rotomoulders and are available between a capacity of 100 liters to 24,000 liters.

5. Techno tanks

Techno-plast offers quality plastic water tanks that are available from 200 Liters to 30,000 Liters.

6. Premiere tanks

Yet another plastic tank manufacturer that offers quality tanks that are available in different shapes and colors. See more details on their website.

Above are just some of the brands you can pick a plastic tank from, you will find more plastic water tank brands in the market and you can still consider them as far as they have a good reputation.

2. Steel water tanks

steel tanks

Steel water tanks are also a good choice, they are however not as popular as plastic water tanks, some of the advantages of the steel water tanks are as below:

  1. Highly durable, this tanks serve for a very long time.
  2. Rust resistant, unlike other metallic tanks, the steel tanks do not rust giving the tanks a long service life and ensuring that your water is safe for drinking.
  3. High storage capacities, steel tanks have very high storage capacities, some can even service a whole community.
  4. Full UV protection, the steel water tanks are sealed in all sides and have a shiny surface that reflects sunlight. This makes sure that sunlight is kept off all the time hence your water is always safe.

Installation modes of steel tanks

With respect to your need, space available and capital, you can install the steel tank in one of the following methods;

1. On ground installations

With this kind of installation, the tank will only need a lowly raised surface that maybe cemented just to prevent direct contact of the tank with the soil.

steel water installation

2. Underground installation

With this kind of installation, the walls and base of the ground will have a material preventing direct contact of the tank with the soil. This type of installation is not very common.

3. Raised steel water tanks

raised steel tanks

In this type of installation, the tank is usually raised very high, commonly, this is done to create enough pressure for gravity supply of water, that is, without the need of a pump. With this kind of an installation, you will require a civil engineer/structural engineer. The purpose of the engineer is to design you a safe steel work structure that will support the tank without failing in future. The engineer usually put into consideration the capacity of the tank and the bearing capacity of the soil, with this together with other factors such as height of the structure and impact of wind, the engineer will produce a safe structure.

From the above you will note that steel tanks are expensive, not only when purchasing but also when installing. It is for this reason that steel tanks are not as popular as plastic water tanks.

Accessories needed with the water tanks

After buying a water tank, you will realize that you will need more items, this includes:


In case of home storage use, you may require gutters to collect rainwater from your iron sheets or rooftop. The most recommended gutters are the plastic type since they do not rust over time as compared to metallic ones.


In case you are supplying water for a long distance, you will require pipes for the purpose.


The supplier will most likely recommend this, the taps are essential if you want to use water at the tank installation point.


This will be needed to allow efficient and convenient water use in different parts of the building. Check here for a guide on choosing the best sinks.

Also see: Guide on buying bowl toilets

Above, we have seen the best types of water tanks you can use for the purpose of storing water, we hope you can now make the best decision. Thanks!!


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Preet Chheda, I am CEO at Vectus Kenya Ltd. We are a water tank manufacturer based in Athi River, Nairobi, Kenya. Thank you for the post on the water tanks, it is great to see anyone apart from a manufacturing company to give details on the tanks in kenya.

    The tanks market his highly saturated within kenya and this gives rise to various range in quality for the tanks. I would advice that the plastic tank be bought from a company that uses only UV material, which is generally more expensive. Secondly, if the material is UV it can be any other colour but the prefered option should be black as you have mentioned correctly.

    The best way to drill the outlet or inlet, would be by using a drilling machine, this will keep the warranty of the tanks safe and will also not damage the tank due to a change in the temperature.

    Lastly, to determine the quality of the tank, it is always worthwhile to check and compare the weights all the competitiors of the tanks. The simple rule is the more the weight of the tank the thicker the walls of the tank are, so more strength to withstand the pressure of water. A light tank in weight, (please note not in pressing the tank on its sides but in its total weight) is less likely to hold the pressure of the water that is stored within.

    Pleass do let me know if you require any assistance with quality, purchase and installation of plastic water tanks.

    Preet Chheda

  2. Please I live in Ndhiwa Homabay county give me your price for the following tanks. (1). 3000lts (2) 5000 lts . (3). 8000 lts (4). 10000 lts and if they can be delivered to my home

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