Best types of wallpapers in Kenya plus a buying guide

Wallpapers are among the most decorative materials you can use for an ultimate attractive look in your house. Below, we are going to see tips that can help us choose the best wallpapers in Kenya ensuring you get the best interior design in your home.

Why should I use a wall wallpaper?

  • Tip: Check on buyers ratings and reviews on wallpapers, this will give you an idea on expected performance. For example, by the time of writing this article, Generic Vinyl wallpapers had a 4.5 star rating out of 5 from 2 buyers on Jumia. This means most users were highly satisfied by it’s performance.
    • If you are wondering whether to use a wallpaper for your house or to use other interior finishes, here are some of the reasons as to why you should consider wallpapers.

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      1. Wallpapers are highly durable, some of the wallpapers have up to 20 years service time.

      2. Washable, when it comes to our houses, hygiene is one of the thing we keep on top, while some other interior finishes are not easy to clean, this does not apply to wallpapers. Most of them are made of materials that are easily washable.

      3. Easy installations, fixing a wallpaper in your home is easy and also not costly. This also applies to removal of them, if in future you require to change the appearance of your home, you will be able to easily remove it.

      4. Environmental friendly, since most wallpapers are made using natural materials, they really affect the environment.

      The above are some of the positive side of wallpapers, they also have some demerits which include;

          1. Since most of the common wallpapers do not allow air to pass through, they should be used only in rooms with proper ventilation.
          2. The edges of the wallpapers may peal off from the walls, this means they will require regular fixing.

      Best Types of wallpapers in Kenya

      To be able to pick the best, you will require to know different types of wallpapers available in Kenya. They are mainly classified according to the materials they are made of. Below we are going to see the most common types of wallpapers available in Kenya.

      1. Vinyl wallpapers

      Vinyl wallpaper

      This are the most common type of wallpapers in the market. They are also the most recommended, this is because they are thick hence highly durable, they are also easily washable.

      [sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faq4154q9mag” html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What material is Vinyl wallpaper made of?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]The Vinyl wallpapers are usually made of polyvinyl chloride commonly referred to as PVC.[/sc_fs_faq]

      2. Foil wallpapers

      Foil wallpaper

      These ones are also popular. They are usually made of a metallic foil giving the wallpaper a metallic shiny appearance, They are also durable and easy to install and clean.

      3. Bamboo wallpapers

      Bamboo wallpapers

      The bamboo wallpapers are made from the bamboo tree, they usually resemble wood or the look of a dry bamboo. Since they are made from natural source, they are highly environmental friendly. They are however not easy to clean like the above two types.

      4. Flock wallpapers

      Flock wallpapers

      Flock wallpapers are made by adding fiber particles to the surface of the wallpaper which is in most cases a cloth. These fibers are commonly referred to as flock and are powder like materials that are usually a waste product from cotton industries. The final product usually gives a velvet like feel.

      5. Textile wallpapers

      Just like the name goes, textile wallpapers are made of textile materials such as natural fibers and others are made of synthetic materials (none natural materials). The final appearance give a cloth like feeling.

      Wallpapers designs in Kenya

      After choosing the type of wallpaper, the next thing is to choose a design. When picking a design, make sure you pick one that suits your interior design, also, you should largely consider your taste. Different manufacturers have made different designs according to the customers needs and the best creative designs they can make. This gives a large range of choice as we will see below.

      As we have seen above, the type of wallpapers can produce different designs such as;

      Velvet like feeling

      Shiny metallic appearance

      Bamboo/wood like appearance

      From the above looks, you will note that most of the earlier mentioned wallpapers give a certain design outcome, however the Vinyl type is not mentioned, this is because it gives the ability to produce more designs.

      More designs

      Apart from the above mentioned designs here are more wallpapers designs you can pick from. This designs are mostly from the vinyl type of wallpapers.

      Patterns design, in this type, the wallpaper usually have different kind of drawings or art work as you can see below

      pattern wallpapers

      Plain color wallpapers, such wallpapers are designed with just one color.

      plain color wallpapers

      HD and 3D wallpapers

      In this types, the wallpapers contains images which depict a certain animal, plant, natural features, man made feature, religious images etc. The images can be both High Definition (HD) or 3 Dimensional(3D).

      3D and HD wallpapers

      Finishing look feeling wallpapers

      With these kind of wallpapers, the wall will appear to be finished with a different material such as, natural stone, bricks, wood etc. This kinds of wallpapers are very popular. The image below provides such.

      wallpapers Kenya

      Other factor to consider when choosing a wallpaper in Kenya

      After choosing the type and design, you will need to consider more factors which include:

      Room size, the room size/wall size where you are to fix the wallpaper should be readily available when shopping for one. This can be gotten from the floor plans of the house, if you are not sure on the measurements, carry your floor plan to the wallpaper supplier or consult with your construction professionals. Note: You should consider both the height and the length.

      Cost, this involves the buying costing, installation cost and maintenance cost if any applies. When buying one, you can check for prices from different sellers online to make sure you are not exploited.

      Cleaning, the wallpaper you choose should be easy to clean, as noted earlier, vinyl wallpapers are among the most easy to clean.

      Room use, with regard to what the room is been used for, different wallpapers type will fit, for example, if the room is been used regularly, e.g a sitting room, a wallpaper that is more durable and easy to clean should be used. In places like bedrooms, you can use wallpapers that allow for ventilation e.g cloth made wallpapers ( Textile/flock wallpapers).

      Above are just some tips that you can use when choosing a wall wallpaper in Kenya, we know you will pick the best. Cheers!!







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