Machine cut stones prices in Kenya

Building by quarry stones is one of the most popular methods in Kenya. This material is obtained in different methods, for example, hand-dressing or through machines. Each method gives different quality and at a certain cost. In this article, we will look at the cost of machine cut stones in Kenya and useful information that one can apply when purchasing.

machine cut stones

Prices of machine cut stones

The cost will vary from seller to seller, it will also be determined by various factors as we are going to see later below. That being said, below is the range price for grade 1 machine cut stones in Kenya:

  • 9 by 9 Inches- Ksh 25 to Ksh 40 (exclusive of transport)
  • 6*9 Inches- Ksh 23 to Ksh 40 (exclusive of transport)

In most cases, the prices are done per piece but in other cases, measurements can be done per foot.  The 9 by 9 inches stones are usually larger than the 6 by 9 ones. For the 9*9, the width is larger and can be taken as 200mm while the width of the 6*9 is 150mm. It is also to note the number of stones in both sizes is equal, only the thickness of the wall change.

Tips on the cost of machine cut stones

There are different factors that will affect the price that you are going to pay. While the common one is the seller from who you are going to get the stones, there are others that we are going to look at below.

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Just like any other commodity, machine-cut stones have different qualities. The better the quality, the higher the cost. To know the quality you should check for some indications as below:

grade 2 machine cur stones

grade 2 machine cur stones

  • Grading- there are different grades available and this is what is used to determine the quality. Common grades are grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3. Grade 1 being the best and grade 3 being of less quality. Grade 1 stones are usually well smoothed, do not break easily, do not soak in water and are greyish instead of black. They are also simple to use when building and consume less mortar reducing the cement and sand budget.
  • Durability- quality machine cut stones should not break easily, this depends on the type of rock the stones are from. Like we mentioned before, greyish appearing stones are less likely to break easily in most cases. One can even perform tests to determine how hard it is to break the stones they intend to purchase.

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When making your purchase, it is advisable to consider the closest place possible to your construction site. This is because the delivery cost with distance increases. Also, the mode of transport might influence the cost, lorries have different capacities and you might get discounts if you order a higher number of pieces.

delivery lorry


The appearance of the stones will also influence the price. More smooth building stones are likely to cost more than rough ones since also the finishing will be easy on the smooth ones. Stones will also come in different colors such as, greyish, blackish and yellowish, depending on your preference and budget, you should pick the right appearance.

Above is a quick overview of machine cut stones in Kenya, we hope that this article is helpful. We wish you the best in your construction. Cheers!!


  1. I need app 10,000 Maschine cutted Stones 9×9 to Diani Southcoast. Middle Qualität colour grey. Is there a possibility to deliver them and what will iz cost

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